The weirdest things sold on eBay!

Here are some recent things sold on eBay that made us chuckle:

A man sold a rubber duck on eBay, which wouldn’t have been so weird if it hadn’t been for the fact that this rubber duck was supposedly haunted. The man claimed that his toddler hated the duck and also said that the duck had bitten him. So of course, the first thing you think to do after being bit by a rubber duck is to sell it on eBay.


The description of the sale was that the seller was getting too old for his imaginary friend. Not only is this one of the weirdest things to be sold on eBay, but it actually sold for a few thousand dollars, which is what makes it even more weird. Not only could this friend not be seen, but he also could not be heard or touched, so it’s crazy to think that someone would actually pay money for it.