Flogit4u Rescue Service

Recently we were contacted by a client, we’ll call him Mr X. He was moving abroad and wanted to sell everything he couldn’t carry with him.  He had already arranged to use another company who let him down in the last hour…literally.

He telephoned us, frantic as you’d imagine, and we were able to offer him a solution. Which we have coined ‘Flogit4u Rescue Service’ :-)

We quickly arranged for a storage company to take all the items, and got him a very good rate too! Then we visited the unit, photographed & detailed everything and got it on-line. We ran the auctions, arranged all the collections and now…just a few weeks later, Mr X is sunning himself in California, a few thousand pounds better off and (in his words) as stress-free as you can be moving continents!

So if you find yourself in a jam, or better still – want to avoid one! Get in touch!