Charities & Fundraising

Flogit4u provides an exciting new way for schools, clubs, charities and other non-profit organisations to raise money.

We convert items brought in to cash, so your supporters can also choose Gift Aid.

Best of all, there’s minimal administrative work for your organisation and you don’t have to ask your supporters for cash donations, just their items that they no longer use. We take care of everything.

How does it work?

Your club or school’s parents drop off their auction donations at our Flogit4u store and designate them as a donation for your school or non-profit organisations. Flogit4u will professionally photograph, describe and list your item on eBay.

We will also handle all customer enquiries, and once your item is sold, we will professionally pack and ship the items to the buyer. We then send your club, school or non-profit organisations a cheque – it’s that simple.

Get everyone involved

You can run the auction drive for a specified period of time or even all year round and when someone has an item that they would like to donate, they simply drop it off at Flogit4u. This provides a stream of cash flow all year long, with very little effort on your part.

If you have a large club, school or organisations and you would like to do a major auction drive, Flogit4u will come to your location and help you set up an auction drive event where your members would bring the items to your location and we will arrange for them to be picked up.

Please note that our standard eligibility requirements apply – see the What sells? page for details. Different listing fees apply to charity auctions

We’ll even provide assistance and advice on how to promote it.