Happy New Year!

We wish a very Happy New Year to all our clients and business partners. We look forward to delivering an even more amazing service to you in 2013.

All at Flogit4u.

Flogit4u umbrella

No, not that sort of umbrella. We recently acquired two new companies into our umbrella group, namely Trading4u and Removage. This adds to our current brands of Flogit4u, Surpplus and BrandPrix (you can see the logos at the bottom of this website).

As always, we continue to help private individuals and businesses sell their unwanted items and excess stock and we do it better even than ever!

If you’ve got something to sell, whether you’re a private individual with just one item, or a business with hundreds of items, make sure you give us a call on 0207 424 0761.

We recently updated our retail website, BrandPrix.

As before, the site has a large selection of fashion and gifts at even lower prices than before. All stock is limited, so get it while you can!

Another milestone

Flogit4u’s recent feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We recently hit 40,000 and it’s still 100% positive!

At this rate, we’ll be hitting 50,000 (and getting a new eBay star in the process) by June 2013.

Hi-Fi galore

We recently received a large delivery of various Hi-Fi equipment, such as amplifiers, speakers, projectors, mixing decks etc. There are some brand new Linn components as well.
Most of them will be auctioned at no reserve so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye here.

Boris Bikes

They’re great, aren’t they? Sadly, at the moment, they only go as far as Camden and don’t quite reach into Belsize Park. We’d be very happy to have them here, so, along with our neighbours, we’re trying to put some pressure on the Mayor and speed up their expansion northwards. You can sign the petition here.

A sad goodbye…

…and two happy welcomes!

Some of you will know that our resident North American (i.e. Canadian) Heather is no longer with us… she decided to up sticks and move to Brisbane, Australia! It was all a bit last minute but it all worked out well in the end. We believe the weather may have influenced her decision a little bit but we’re not sure.

We wish Heather all the best. It was great having her here and she will be sorely missed by us all. She was often the life of the party and her easygoing nature made her a pleasure to work with.

In fact, we miss her so much that we hired not one, but two replacements in her place! We would like to welcome Holly and Johanna to the team. They’ve been settling in nicely, so next time you ring up there’s a strong chance you’ll get to speak to one of them.

Until the next time!

What sells well?

That’s probably the most common question we receive. Well, here’s one example: Apple iPads.

The 2nd generation has hit the stores and the good news is that it costs the same as the 1st generation despite the updates. You’d think that would be bad news for the resale price of the 1st generation, however the prices seem to be holding unexpectedly well.

We sold three 1st Generation models just last week for £330, £340 and £360 each (I’m sure you’ve already worked out that’s a £343.33 average). Considering that a brand new, 2nd generation iPad can be had for as little as £399, now is the perfect time to upgrade yours. And why do all the hard work involved in selling your old one when Flogit4u can do it all for you hassle-free.

Where have all the good links gone?

A few of you have asked where the links have gone from our previous blogs. The answer is that eBay only keeps auction records for 90 days so once that’s passed you can no longer access the links. Which is a shame.

In other news, our feedback is at 24,262 at the time of writing so that next feedback star is getting closer and closer! We’re planning a party once we reach it (table football anyone?)

Told you we won’t be long!

If you live in Northwest London, you may have had the Northwest magazine delivered to you. It’s always been a great magazine, but it’s just been made even greater because our very own furniture and antiques expert Costas has a column in it! Check out page 14 of the June 2011 edition for some excellent insider knowledge and tips on Danish furniture (and how to make money on it).