A sad goodbye…

…and two happy welcomes!

Some of you will know that our resident North American (i.e. Canadian) Heather is no longer with us… she decided to up sticks and move to Brisbane, Australia! It was all a bit last minute but it all worked out well in the end. We believe the weather may have influenced her decision a little bit but we’re not sure.

We wish Heather all the best. It was great having her here and she will be sorely missed by us all. She was often the life of the party and her easygoing nature made her a pleasure to work with.

In fact, we miss her so much that we hired not one, but two replacements in her place! We would like to welcome Holly and Johanna to the team. They’ve been settling in nicely, so next time you ring up there’s a strong chance you’ll get to speak to one of them.

Until the next time!