Told you we won’t be long!

If you live in Northwest London, you may have had the Northwest magazine delivered to you. It’s always been a great magazine, but it’s just been made even greater because our very own furniture and antiques expert Costas has a column in it! Check out page 14 of the June 2011 edition for some excellent insider knowledge and tips on Danish furniture (and how to make money on it).

It’s been a while…

But we’re back again. Sadly, our resident blogger left us last year to go travelling for a year. He’s sorely missed but we can’t blame him as we’re sure the temptation of travelling around the world was too great. Still, onwards and upwards as they say.

Flogit4u has grown in strength over the last year and we’re closing in to our next eBay feedback star, which we’ll get when we reach 24,999 feedbacks. It’s an odd number, but eBay does do things a little differently than you might expect. We’re at 24,054 at the time of writing so not long to go.

We have a twitter account @flogit4u for all of you tweeters out there. While we don’t tend to break any superinjunctions to reveal the latest Premiership footballer to get up to mischief, we do use it for interesting auctions, special offers and just simply crazy eBay stuff. Our resident Canadian (NOT American!!!) does a great job of updating it so it’s well worth a look.
We’ll be back soon, and that’s a promise.