Royal Connections

As far as seats go, one used at a royal investiture for the heir to the throne is a rare find indeed. Can you think of a better piece to welcome guests as they enter your home?

Flogit4u are in the process of selling one of the seats that guests and other royal members used at the investiture of Prince Charles. Of course, we cannot tell if it was a royal posterior that rested on the seat, but the Family at large attended the 1969 event.

Links to the monarchy aside, the seat has been beautifully designed and lovingly handmade. The seat was designed by Lord Snowdon, no doubt drawing on influences from around the world to make the round-backed chair as comfortable and eye catching as possible. The Prince of Wales’s feathers with the Latin “ich Dien” (I serve) written through it is embossed in the back of the chair in gold paint.
You don’t have to be a royalist to appreciate this gorgeous chair!!!