Baby Joy

Congratulations to founder and MD of Flogit4u, Phill Davies, and his wife, Samantha, on the birth of their first child.

Their little boy was born yesterday evening at a very healthy 8lb 11oz!

Let’s hope it’s the first of many!

Strange Auctions

As auction experts it is part of our job to scour eBay looking for some weird and wonderful items for sale…all in the name of research! We recently collated our efforts and tried to whittle it down to just one bizarre item; a near impossible task, but great fun.

I’m going to start with my favourite because I’m writing the blog and it deserves to be shared. Found by Andy from our dispatch department, this item is something that every potato/rock fan should have in their collection.

Sadly, the majority of Alex’s suggestions were too controversial/illegal – but very, very funny – to mention on a family site. However, this one was just bordering on the right side of wrong and I’ve already started working on it for next Valentines Day.

Staying with hair for a moment, Wendy – who seems to have some kind of knack for finding crazy items online – astounded us with this, erm, piece….Again, Wendy found many, many items that we can’t mention on Flogit4u, but I reckon we’ll probably get away with a link to this item that’s big, fun and makes girls scream…

My effort was a bit lame compared to the others, but it wasn’t so much the item itself that tickled me, but the way in which the seller came to find it. Check it out here and see if it’s something that you would like…

Feel free to send in your suggestions of weird and wonderful items that you have found on eBay. Strangest suggestion – judged by the Flogit4u Team – wins a prize…