Online Cookies?

The Girl Scouts of America have joined the cut and thrust of e commerce, swapping door knocking for right clicking during an unusually quiet cookie season. The Girl Scout Association of America is questioning the skills that the girls are picking up by selling their wares online and, more importantly, the skills that they are losing by not meeting the public face-to-face.

Perhaps more worrying is the fact that some eBay users are picking up the slack and selling boxes of cookies for profit on “behalf” of the girl scouts. In fact, many of the hundred or so cookie sellers on eBay at the moment claim that they are “helping out a family friend”…or making a quick buck during this cookie slump. Perhaps the way to get round this profiteering from unscrupulous sellers is to welcome the girls online with open arms; let them fully understand the business involved with selling in an e-marketplace, the effort it takes to keep customers happy and the many different ways of marketing when a plethora of similar products are available.

Indeed, some savvy scouts collect email addresses of customers, store them on a database and when the cookie season comes round again use the details to contact their client base. Such skills can only help youngsters in years to come and there’s no doubt that breaking from tradition in this instance could be key to saving an ailing way of fundraising.

NB: The Flogit4u blogger passed up countless opportunities to use the following puns: “Smart cookies”, “while most people are deleting their cookies..”, “takes the biscuit” and “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” etc etc etc