Flogit4u on CNN

The flogit4u office became a media hotspot last week when the press descended on the office following the news that eBay were changing their rating and fee system – a move that has been met with outrage from some of the selling community.

A CNN film crew were the first to ask Flogit4u how the changes to the system would affect the UK’s most successful drop-off store. On hand was eBay advisor Fergus Mumford to describe how the changes could affect buyers and sellers alike. The general consensus among sellers is that the changes drastically reduce their opportunities to comment on poor buyers, who in turn destabilise the whole trading system. eBay argues that certain sellers were using the feedback system as a retaliatory weapon and that buyers feared giving poor feedback because of this. eBay’s solution? To remove the opportunity for sellers to give any feedback.

Flogit4u stick by the reasoning that: “We hate giving negative feedback, as much as we hate receiving it” and due to our high levels of customer care, negative feedback isn’t something that we encounter. Of course we enjoy receiving personalised feedback messages from our customers and equally enjoyed sending them, hopefully the former will continue, even though they can’t be reciprocated now. Click below to see flogit4u’s very own Fergus give an interview to a worldwide audience….

Fame at last.

Goodbye HD DVD?

The decision by Toshiba to throw in the towel in the format wars with their Blu-ray rivals has caused a surge of HD DVD players available for sale on eBay.This is great news for technology fans who can now snap up Blu-ray players with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they wont be nervously pacing the aisles of Virgin in a few months time looking for HD DVDs.

While buying a piece of defunct technology may confuse the majority of the general public, there is little doubt that older pieces of technology still have kudos among techno junkies. In the eighties Betamax looked set to be the favourable format and rumour has it that companies supporting VHS were extremely close to admitting defeat, but a surge in interest in the tapes and a couple of clever marketing campaigns saw a resurgence and the rest is history…or is it? Compare the two auctions below.

Beta Auction
VHS Auction

Surely the clever buyers will be snapping up one of the 200 HD DVD players that have gone up on eBay since Tuesday.