Banksy (again)

The piece of Banksy art (Blog 7th January) has sprinted past its reserve price of £10,000 and looks set to sell this evening for over £200,000. This is still a shade short of the £1 million that was initially estimated, but is still a fine reward for being the victim of “vandalism”.

With 67 watchers and five hours to go there is still a chance of a flurry of bids towards the end of the auction that could really push the price up. Check out the auction (200188435287) on eBay this evening to witness all the excitement of an art auction from the comfort of your own home!

Bizarre eBay Sales

Selling a wall for a million pounds is unusual even for eBay’s standards, yet that’s what one Londoner is hoping to achieve for the outer wall of his office building.

Far from being a standard brick wall adorned with the usual whitewash paint and rickety guttering, it has received the Midas touch from graffiti artist Banksy. The guerrilla artist has quickly become a collector’s favourite across the world due to his quirky political/social commentary and urban style.

With a reserve price of £10,000 and an estimated final sale of price of a cool £1 million this could prove to be the highest price ever paid for a piece of masonry. Banksy’s guerrilla artwork is scattered all over London and it is feared that such blatant selling of his graffiti could lead to the dismantling of walls across the capitol as people try and cash in on his success. The seller of his latest piece must be delighted that he actually owns the wall that the Bristol born artist chose to vandalise.

Hopefully, he’ll be laughing all the way to the Banksy…