The flogit4u office is extremely busy at the moment with all different types of objects coming through the door! We recently completed the sale of a vintage Rolls Royce and waved goodbye to one extremely happy customer, just as another came in looking to sell her dual fuel VW! The Rolls Royce was an absolutely stunning car that had a rich heritage and – like every Rolls should be – was once owned by extremely well known musician. The VW doesn’t have such claims to fame just yet, but as a car is doing its bit to help the environment and will help its new owner reduce their carbon footprint while helping to cut down their fuel bill too! The LPG car is the latest in a long line of not-so-standard vehicles that have been sold by Flogit4u including a G-Whizz, Sinclair C5 and a Ferrari Enzo. Drop us a line to find out how you can sell your car in the UK’s largest marketplace.