Taxi Advertising

Expect to see the Flogit4u sign all over Central London over the coming months as our taxi advertising campaign comes into effect.

Watch out for the familiar Flogit4u livery on the side of the traditional black cabs.If you’re luck enough to tale a ride in one of the Flogit4u taxis perhaps you could take a minute to think how London’s leading eBay shop can help sell some of your unwanted items. You could even give us a call from the back of the cab and speak to one of our qualified eBay professionals about what we can sell for you online!

If you flag a cab – make sure it’s a flogit4u cab!

Kathryn’s Cleaning Utensils

Kathryn – the office angel that she is – has bought some new sponges for the Flogit4u kitchen! However, these aren’t any normal, run-of-the-mill sponges…oh no. Apparently, you pour washing up liquid into the handle of the sponge which constantly feeds suds through the water.

Ingenious idea, yet one that is as yet confirmed because Kathryn keeps on forgetting to take them into the office…