Rain, rain, rain

The Great British Summer has once again descended into a farcical few days of blistering heat followed by a week of steady downpours!

It has been said traditionally that the rain is only good for gardeners, but Flogit4u says that it’s just as good for online shoppers. The traffic passing through the Flogit4u store increases significantly on rainy days with more shoppers logging on and checking some of the bargains we have on offer.
Perhaps you should be using these rainy days to have a good old clearout and what better way to make some space than with Flogit4u!

Hello, goodbye

It’s all change at the flogit4u office as three staff members leave to see the world, while three new members join us to experience the world of eBay.Rhys, Kieran and Hugh will be traveling to France, America and Poland respectively. However, Katherine, Christine and Karen have joined the team and are already bringing their own expertise to Flogit4u! Expect some new blog posts from the new girls soon, as well as some words from other members of staff.

Can you sell kitchens?

Sometimes the things that you can sell with Flogit4u will be staring you right in the face and you don’t even realise it! How many people do you know who have recently renovated their house and when throwing away their old kitchen mentioned that “there’s nothing wrong with it; it just doesn’t go with the house any more”?

As mentioned in the Evening Standard’s Lifestyle Magazine Top Tips recently, Flogit4u will help you sell your kitchen on eBay. All you have to do is tell us the dates that you will need the kitchen removed and organise the dismantling. One of the Flogit4u team will visit your home, measure and photograph your kitchen before writing up detailed plans and listing it on eBay…all for a fiver.

Indeed, we have sold designer kitchens such as Habitat and Keller in the last few months that would otherwise have been dumped on the scrapheap.

Why not help the environment and your bank balance by Flogging your kitchen with the online auction experts, Flogit4u.


The digital camera revolution is sweeping through the world and nobody wants to be left behind, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your old equipment is totally defunct.

There are still many, many photographers out there – both professionally and amateur – who like using film cameras and find that online auctions are the best places to pick up quality items.

Flogit4u has an excellent reputation among camera enthusiasts as somewhere that quality items can be bought and sold for great value. We sell everything from pro SLR camera bodies to compact cameras, tripods to shoulder harnesses for digital video filming.

At the moment we have some fantastic Polaroid and 35mm equipment online. The Polaroid cameras are not only collectable, but would make an excellent “retro” accessory at parties this summer. Digital cameras are all very well, but Polaroid cameras also offer “instant” images in a different – but very special – format.

Check out our photography auctions to see what we have on offer!!!Why not give us a call to see if your 35mm equipment can be sold online?